Your Pre-Pregnancy Checklist: What to Do Before You Try to Conceive

Your Pre-Pregnancy Checklist: What to Do Before You Try to Conceive

So, you are thinking of gathering some things that you need in pregnancy and after it? Are you going to shop for baby accessories and things for nursing like an electric breast pump? It is too early to shop for baby accessories, this is the time, and you need to focus on your needs.

If you are trying to conceive or thinking about it, it is not too early to begin getting ready for pregnancy. Health care and preconception health focus on things you can do between and before pregnancy to enhance healthy baby birth chances. Some women’s body takes a few months to be ready for pregnancies. Similarly, some women take more time, whether it is first child or 6th; they need to wait for pregnancy until their body gets ready for it. If you are the one who is going to conceive, then you need to focus on the ways that help you in your pregnancy.

  1. Make and take action.

It is time to be active and preparing yourself for a comfy and healthy pregnancy period. No doubt, this period is highly crucial for the majority of the ladies. If this is your first time, or you will be pregnant after a long time, you should prepare yourself for it. For instance, if you were using birth control methods, your body will experience producing other hormones that are helpful in pregnancy.

  1. See your doctor

It would help if you discussed it with your doctor, and your gynecologist will guide you about preconception health care. The doctor wants to discuss your medical conditions and health history. It will affect your pregnancy in a better and healthy way. You must discuss your previous experiences if you have pregnant before or any miscarriage or abortion. Based on all these conditions, he will prescribe the medicines and supplements. You may need some types of vaccinations to avoid certain types of congenital disabilities. Consulting with your doctor is highly important for you.

  1. Medical conditions

If you have some health conditions, then you should discuss with your doctor whether pregnancy will be safe for you or not. If these health problems are under control, then your doctor will give you medicines. Some of these health issues are chronic diseases, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, external icon, diabetes, or other sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are already on some medications, remember that taking medicines during pregnancy can cause serious congenital disabilities. It includes some prescriptions and other medications, herbal supplements, and dietary supplements. If you are planning to conceive, then you should discuss these medications.

  1. Behaviors and lifestyles

You should adopt healthy habits and prefer a healthy lifestyle. Avoid drinking alcohol, smoke, and reduce the quantity of taking caffeine. Your dies must be healthy, and you should consult with a health care professional. Moreover, it would help if you continued light exercises to keep your body flexible and suitable for fetus growth and delivery.

  1. Monitor your menstruation cycle or missed period

If you are facing the situation of the missed periods, then you are going to conceive. Sometimes women face the missed periods because of the hormonal imbalance. It is the obvious sign of pregnancy, but it can be happened due to other reasons, such as deficiency of blood, hormonal imbalance, and others, so wait for more signs like morning sickness, vomiting, or others. However, these signs are very common, but not all women face them.

  1. The problem is taking a breath

The majority of women face the problem of breathing due to pregnancy. They require plenty of amount of oxygenated air to get fresh. But it is not a common symptom because the signs are different in different ladies.

  1. Go for six-week ultra-sound

If you have continuously received a negative pregnancy test report, you should go for six weeks pregnant ultrasound. It will confirm either you are pregnant or not. If you want to confirm your pregnancy, then you must have to go for the test. It is the most common question when you can go for this step because these tests depend on the chemicals that detect HCG hormones. Some symptoms are highly great in guiding you when to apply the pregnancy test. There is no doubt on the reliability of these tests, but these tests should be applied at the right time.

  1. Look for things that you need

Your baby needs many things, but you have enough time to shop for your child when you confirm your pregnancy. This is when you need to get things you need for yourself, like maternity attire, pregnancy pillow, breastfeeding pump, etc.

Keep this factor in your mind that you may face breast issues due to the medicines you will use in this tenure. Some women face the problem of allergy during pregnancy and the nursing period. Therefore, they need to use the breastfeeding pumps for their children to provide the mother’s feed.

Many medicines are considered safe allergy medicine while breastfeeding. A medicine passes into breast milk, but some medicines are harmful, and some are not effective. The major harm that you can get due to medicine is that it reduces the milk supply. In the market, you can get access to the electric breast pump. It is very simple and easy to use for mothers who have a C-Section. They cannot move after surgery, so that the use of this electric pump is suitable for them.

Always seek the safe drug that is the right option for you and your infant. If you need effective medicines for allergy during lactation, then you must choose the safe option. For reducing the milk supply in the ladies, every medicine is not recommended. 


During this pregnancy tenure, your physical and mental health is highly important. Therefore, you must look for things that can keep you healthy and active. Women must go for regular-checkups to make sure that there are no complications.

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