How to Massage When Pumping Using Hands Free Bra

How to Massage When Pumping Using Hands Free Bra

A hands free pump bra can be one of the best ways for you to make sure that you can do other things while also making sure that your baby gets his or her nutrition. This device can be incredibly time-saving, and it can be a perfect addition to your nursing gear, whether you’re a working mother or not. You can free time up for chores, spend with your other children, or simply relax with this handy tool. However, there is still some hard work that we need to put in to ensure that we can make the most of our pumping sessions. A breast massage can help us make the most of our session, and below, you can find out just how you can massage your breasts in order to get maximum milk output.

How massage helps maximize output while Pumping

The points below will explain just how a breast massage can help increase your milk output so that you get the most of your pumping session.

Increased milk supply

When you massage while pumping, you can get a much higher milk output than you would without a massage. This because the breast massage can help open breast ducts so that milk can exit freely. When you massage while pumping, you can empty the breast more effectively, and your body can be stimulated faster to make more milk.

Combat many breastfeeding related issues

There are all sorts of problems that new mothers can encounter while breastfeeding. These problems can mean that not only is breastfeeding more difficult and painful for us, but the amount of milk that we express can also be significantly lowered. If you suffer from mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, latch issues, or other painful problems while breastfeeding, a breast massage can be the solution. The massage can help with drainage and can help unblock and ducts that have become clogged. These ducts can be quickly and painlessly drained using a specific massage technique with the hands free breast pump bra discussed below.

How to massage your breasts before pumping

The massage to increase milk supply can be done before, during, and after pumping, but there are specific techniques for each stage. Here is how you can massage your breasts before you start pumping. You can start by massaging both your breasts in a spiral pattern, as you would do in a self breast exam. In particular, pay attention to the outer margins and then begin stroking from the outer areas, inwards. You don’t need to apply too much force; a light touch from the outer margins towards the nipples can help stimulate milk flow. After this massage, you can start to pump with the suction or using Momcozy hand free pumping bra adjusted to highest yet most comfortable level. After the milk subsides, usually after a few minutes, you can repeat the process.

How to do breast massage while pumping

What you need to focus on while massaging is to concentrate your efforts mostly towards the base of the breast, as that is where most of the milk ducts are located. Massaging near the nipples will serve no purpose, and will just waste your time. Instead, work your way down to the nipples in order to make sure all milk ducts are unclogged, and you get the most out of your pumping session.

Another thing that can be a real help when it comes to pumping using a hands free pumping bra is the lactation massager. This massager can help take your breast massage to the next level and can help unclog any ducts. You can use any baby safe nipple cream to help the massager glide smoothly over your skin, and this can help with conditions such as mastitis, soreness and can increase milk supply.

When wearing your hands free breast pump bra, make sure that you use your hands the best way to get a good massage. Even a few minutes of massaging can significantly increase your milk supply by stimulating your milk producing glands. This can increase not just the amount of milk produced, but can also make the process speedier. With a hands free nursing bra, you can be free to use your hands as you wish. You should always start from the outer edges and work your way towards your nipples and can even stop pumping when the milk flow slows down, massage and then start again! This can help stimulate more let-downs. Additionally, you can use an electric massager that can mimic hand pressure and allow you to empty your breasts effectively. This electric massager can also help soothe the pain of clogged ducts, and help you produce milk with higher fat content.

Use a soft hands free nursing bra

When you are doing your breast massage, the most helpful thing to have can be the hands free pump bra. The Momcozy nursing bra can be perfect for this purpose as it has a material that is supportive yet not thick and very soft. This can mean that you can have your pumps securely in place while massaging, and you don’t need to worry about your hard work going to waste as the bra is perfect for a breast massage.


A breast massage is something that can be extremely beneficial for mothers who are struggling with a host of breast feeding issues, and it can help efficiently resolve them. In addition to this, it can also be a great way to increase your milk output. If you follow the instructions mentioned above, you can easily make more milk for your baby while keeping any lumps away as well. With a hands free pumping bra, you can also save a great deal of time that you can use tending to other things. Using soft hands free pumping bra can help make this massaging process much simpler as well, and at the end of the day, this process can be an excellent way for new mothers to de-stress and devote some time to themselves.

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