How to Stop Breastfeeding Pain

How to Stop Breastfeeding Pain

Are you breastfeeding and your breasts making you suffer? Only the baby's first feedings can be because they cause the contraction reflex and tone the uterus, which will reform faster. These breastfeeding pains are fleeting and are for a good cause. But if you have breastfeeding pain, then you need help. To avoid pain and crevices, we offer you some effective tips to relieve your chest during breastfeeding.

Prepare your breasts before your baby is born.
  • Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it takes time for you and your baby to adjust. Getting started is not always as easy as it seems, especially for your breasts. Your nipple is a sensitive part that may be irritated by repeated sucking by your baby.
  • To limit these inconveniences, you can prepare your breasts before giving birth even if this is not an absolute remedy against the pains and cracks likely to occur during the first days.
  • In order to hydrate well, soften without drying your nipple, use an ultra-rich soap, and regularly massage this area with a fatty cream or oil.
Finding the right breastfeeding position

Cracks usually form due to poor latching. It is essential to find the most comfortable position for you and your little one. Feel free to try several to find the one that suits you best. To put your baby back on your breast, you can put a finger in his mouth to open it and then put it back to avoid pain. Use the pumping and nursing bra for breastfeeding that will not compress your breast and give you comfort.

Apply lanolin

Without danger, lanolin is a good technique to relieve cracks. Apply a small amount of the product previously heated in your fingers to your nipples before and after feeding.

Try hydrogel compresses

These small compresses have the advantage of calming the pain associated with cracks. Just place them on your breasts to immediately feel a feeling of comfort. You can get them in pharmacies.

Use hot or cold water to relieve your painful chest

Using hot or cold water is an easy way to relieve a sore chest. Hot water helps decongest and drain your breasts, while cold water can relieve pain caused by swelling of the breast. Some women are only relieved by hot water, others by cold water; it's up to you to test what gives you the greatest comfort. If both are useful, use them alternately.

Take a hot or cold shower

When taking your shower, run the water around your chest using gentle massages to reduce pain and possibly squeeze out the milk on its own to empty your breasts.

Compresses to put on your chest

Outside of your toilet time, apply hot water compresses to your breast to bring out the milk, and cold water, alternately, to decongest the breasts. For example, you can place a wipe of warm water on your breast just before breastfeeding, to help the flow of milk when breastfeeding. After your baby has finished breastfeeding, you can soothe your breasts with the cold water wipes.

Immerse her breast in water

As we have seen, hot water helps to drain your breasts by pushing out the milk. In case of severe pain, take a large bowl filled with hot water. Attention, the heat must be bearable. Don't burn yourself.

One by one (if you can't do both at the same time), immerse your breasts in hot water and wait. After a few minutes, you will see milk come out of your breast on its own. The amount expressed is not huge, but it can sometimes be enough to do you good.

Leave her breasts alone

By reflex, many breastfeeding women wipe their nipples after each feeding. However, this gesture, which may seem trivial, can cause the development of crevices. Be aware that after a feed, your nipples secrete a liquid whose purpose is to clean, disinfect and even lubricate your nipples. Systematic cleaning is, therefore, not necessary.

Medication aids

If all of these tips are not enough to reduce the pain of breastfeeding, turn to the medical staff who can prescribe the medications best suited to your situation.

Using homeopathy to relieve breastfeeding pain

Homeopathy can be used during breastfeeding to relieve certain ailments or discomfort. Consulting a homeopath or a midwife practicing homeopathy guarantees personalized treatment adapted to your symptoms.

  • To relieve the pain of rising milk, it is possible to take Apis Mellifica9CH, Bryonia 9CH, and Lac caninum 30CH to soothe breast tension.
  • If you suffer from breast engorgement, Belladonna 9CH limits inflammation, and Phytolacca decandra 9CH decongests the breast.
Hands-free pumping bra

If your pain concerns too much milk production compared to what your baby is taking, it is totally inadvisable to use the best Pumping Bra in order to relieve you. Indeed, the breast pumping bra, which is ideal for stocking up on milk, stimulates lactation. Your breasts will continue to produce large quantities of milk, and expressing your milk will give you much relief.

Alternatively, you can use a manual breast pump. Unlike the electric breast pump, it does not stimulate lactation, or only slightly. It is the perfect tool to empty your breasts quickly if your lactation is too important for the amount consumed by your baby. Using a manual breast pump also allows you to accommodate your breasts before feeding, to empty them a little, and make the breast more flexible.

Getting help for better breastfeeding

In any case, never let breastfeeding pains set in, get help and advice! Talk to healthcare professionals (your gynecologist, your midwife, or a lactation advisor); breastfeeding should remain a moment of pleasure and symbiosis with your baby. There is no such thing as "fatalism": all pain has its solution and can be relieved with appropriate advice; breastfeeding is not a torture! Persistent breastfeeding pains may be due to the development of candidiasis, which is more commonly known as “thrush” and antifungal therapy may be necessary. Do not hesitate to consult a health professional if your baby has white spots in his mouth, if your nipples are bright pink, painful, and if you have burning and itching. In short, stay relaxed, take care of yourself and your health, and get help if necessary! Breastfeeding should only be fun, an intense moment with your baby!

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