Is Rechargeable Breast Pump Good for Breastfeeding Mothers?

Is Rechargeable Breast Pump Good for Breastfeeding Mothers?

S9 Pro rechargeable breast pump is 20% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous model, so there is no bulk or added weight in the bra.

How should I select a breast pump?

It can be difficult to choose a rechargeable breast pump with such a large selection available. Don't panic; our guide on how to choose a breast pump will help you select one that's suitable for you and your baby whether you express it rarely or frequently.


When is it safe to begin pumping?

Find out from your doctor when you can begin pumping breast milk. Perhaps you should start pumping as soon as your child is born. Your milk supply may increase as a result, and the expressed breast milk can be frozen for later use.

The amount of breast milk you produce during each feeding is your milk supply. After your baby has breastfed, rechargeable breast pump can help you produce more milk.

Before you start giving your infant pumped breast milk from a bottle, wait until he is successfully breastfeeding. Early introduction of a bottle or pacifier to your infant can result in nipple confusion.

When your infant is given a bottle or pacifier and is supposed to latch on and start sucking, this happens. Your baby doesn't feed well or doesn't want to breastfeed because he has trouble latching on to your breast.

An electric or manual pump!

Manual breast pumps are more affordable, quieter, and useful for sporadically expressing than electric versions. However, if you use them regularly, it can be laborious because you have to continuously pump the handle to create the suction. Since the machine performs the pumping for you, rechargeable breast pump is simpler and more practical to use.

Technology called 2-Phase Expression imitates a baby's natural sucking motion. Your infant begins each feeding by sucking quickly and briefly to activate your let-down reflex. He switches to a slower, stronger sucking motion to inhale as much milk as possible once the milk starts to flow.

Why Momcozy S9 Pro Wearable Breast Pump?

Moms may save more time with the S9 Pro's hands-free pumps because they operate more effectively and quickly. Pumping in baby-stimulation mode reduces nipple soreness and promotes greater letdown. Low-volume use during the silent night, 50 dB sound level.

It features a hospital-grade suction range of 280–300 mmHg. Even at night, you can read the LED screen with a fast glance. Rechargeable breast pump can turn off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Weightless, Compact, and Small

This S9 Pro wearable breast pump is 20% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous model, so there is no bulk or added weight in the bra.

There are no tangled or disorganized connections to impede your progress. Anytime, anywhere, you can pump entirely hands-free. It is an improved way to pump at home, work, or while traveling.

One Charge for 24 Hours

It can operate outdoors for an entire day on one battery. Additionally, a faster charging Type-C charging connector and a battery with a larger capacity are included. Rechargeable breast pump just takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the S9 Pro wearable pump, which provides 180 minutes of pumping time across 6–8 sessions.

Quick and Simple to Clean

The S9 Pro wearable pump is the Reddot Winner of 2022. It has a whole food-grade safe silicone substance that has been approved by the FDA, as well as impressive construction and design patterns.

It doesn't take long to start milking after inserting a wearable pump into your bra. It's simpler to disassemble a one-click on/off structure for cleaning.

If once the idea of ​​having to use a breast pump could scare new mothers, today technology has made it possible to produce a wide range of models, easy to use and comfortable.


However, for some mothers, it is a little-known tool that could create some uncertainty, especially if added to the doubts that parents have who are facing small and big difficulties for the first time.

Knowing the types of breast pumps and learning how to use them can also be very useful when choosing which model to buy.

What is the breast pump and how it works?

As the name implies, rechargeable breast pump is a tool that some mothers use to pump milk and be able to offer it to the newborn through the bottle.

There are different models, which can be indicated for different types of needs. The most classic models are the manual ones, which allow the milk to come out of the nipple through a sort of vacuum effect, while the most recent are the electric ones.

When it is necessary to use the breast pump

Often midwives, in the days of hospitalization after childbirth, chase mothers to squeeze the breast with their hands. It is a simple and natural procedure that allows the milk to flow out in an emergency, such as when there is breast engorgement.

However, there are situations in which it is necessary to pump the milk rather than directly breastfeed the baby and the breast pump becomes essential:

  • When it is not possible to breastfeed the baby but does not intend to give up breast milk: this happens, for example, for work reasons that keep the mother away from the baby for many hours, or for health reasons of one or of the other.
  • When the newborn is unable to latch on to the breast and suck with sufficient force: this occurs mainly when the newborn is premature or has some pathology that prevents him from surging directly from the nipple.
  • When breast engorgement or an infection such as mastitis occurs: In these cases, it may be difficult for the baby to suckle from the breast and manual expression may not be sufficient. In these cases, the breast pump, which has higher power, manages to unblock the situation and allows the milk to flow out regularly.

Depending on the reasons for which you intend to use it, you may need the breast pump for more or less short times: it may be occasional use, as in the case of mastitis, or continuous use if linked to work needs.

The choice will therefore be oriented towards more or less sophisticated and more or less expensive models.

The models of breast pumps

The substantial difference between the various breast pump models concerns the type of operation, manual or electric, which also considerably affects the price.

If you stimulate both breasts at the same time, the milk starts flowing out faster even during a feed / draw session. The same result can be achieved when the baby suckles from the breast and the mother uses the compression technique.

Manual breast pump

This is the most classic model and is also widely used by those who use it occasionally. It can be a safety to have it at home if you are subject to frequent traffic jams or it can be used when the mother has to go away.

It works through a sort of pump mechanism, which allows you to create a vacuum that stimulates the milk from the nipple.

There is a wide range of manual breast pumps, from the cheapest to the most expensive but also more comfortable ones. If frequent use is expected, it is advisable to choose models that offer a guarantee of certain duration but are comfortable enough.

Currently, there are very comfortable ones on the market with a padded seat, in order to make the operation more comfortable.

Electric breast pump

Although the operation follows a principle similar to that of the manual breast pump, the electric rechargeable breast pump offers a series of pluses:

  • Adjustment of the intensity of stimulation and extraction: depending on the models, there may be different levels of intensity for a more pleasant and pain-free extraction;
  • Intensity setting via touch-screen display;
  • Double teat for simultaneous extraction from the two breasts;
  • Tilted and padded cups for maximum comfort during extraction;
  • More power than manual for faster extraction;
  • Massage function to stimulate milk production;
  • Charging via USB.

Manual or electric breast pump: which one to choose?

In addition to the price and intended use of the pump, other factors must also be considered.

Undoubtedly, the electric breast pump is a very comfortable tool, capable of making the operation of expressing milk quick, pleasant, and painless.

The fact that many models allow simultaneous extraction of the two breasts is a huge convenience, in addition to the fact that the electrical operation, with adjustable intensity, does not involve any effort on the part of the mother.

However, some mothers prefer to use the manual breast pump, even if it is a bit more basic and less rapid.

After all, to express the milk you need maximum psychological tranquility and an electric tool could convey a sense of coldness and septicity.

In any case, before buying it, it is advisable to carefully evaluate all alternatives. Some pharmacies also do a rental service: a good idea might be to rent it to evaluate how it is before buying it.

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