Q&A: Your Breastfeeding Questions

Q&A: Your Breastfeeding Questions

Breastfeeding undoubtedly comes with questions. You want to do right for your baby and make sure that everything you do, eat, and drink, isn’t going to cause harm. You might also have questions about your own body and how breastfeeding could impact it.

In this article, we endeavor to answer the breastfeeding questions we hear the most.

Q&A Your Breastfeeding Questions - Momcozy Blog Post

When will my period return while breastfeeding?

When you breastfeed the hormone you have to make milk suppresses ovulation and therefore stops your period. If you are feeding your baby day and night, on demand, it can be up to a year before it returns and even then it may be irregular until you stop feeding.

Does breastfeeding give you a flat tummy?

Breastfeeding in the early days will help your uterus contract back to its size. The more babies you have the more you feel these afterpains. Your uterus will have stretched a significant amount so when it is back to its walnut size in your pelvis it will give your tummy a flatter appearance. However, even if you bottle-feed your uterus will still go back to its previous size, it just might take longer.

Does breastfeeding help with weight loss?

Breastfeeding burns around 500-700 calories a day which can help to put you in a calorie deficit that is needed to lose weight. However, it’s a delicate balance as you don’t want to reduce calories so much that your milk supply drops. If you are trying to lose weight postpartum it is important to make healthy food choices and take part in exercises such as brisk walks or cycling.

Can I drink coffee when breastfeeding?

Caffeine can affect your baby and keep them wide-eyed and awake, so it is best to limit your intake to no more than 300 mg a day. This is slightly more than the 200 mg that is recommended not to exceed during pregnancy. For context, this is the equivalent of three cups of coffee or four teas. Remember, coffee from a coffee shop will often have higher caffeine content, and don’t forget to count cola and even chocolate in your intake!

How much alcohol can I drink when breastfeeding?

If you do plan on having a drink you could feed your baby before you have any alcohol and then avoid breastfeeding for 2-3 hours for every drink you have to avoid exposing them to it in your milk. You could also try expressing before a social event so the baby can have a bottle of expressed milk instead.

Can I get a tattoo when breastfeeding?

You will be able to get a tattoo when breastfeeding, however, a reputable tattoo artist will not tattoo a pregnant or breastfeeding mother without having them sign a waiver first. There could be issues around infection should the aftercare not be adequate. There is also a risk of infections when precautions are not followed, including hepatitis, tetanus, and HIV.

Is it okay to breastfeed during pregnancy?

Breastfeeding through pregnancy is considered safe. However, if you are expecting multiples or at risk of miscarriage or certain complications, then you may be advised to stop breastfeeding.

During pregnancy your breast milk changes in taste and volume. Your older child may begin to wean themselves off the breast during this time. Or, you could go on to feed them both, known as tandem nursing.

Can I get botox when breastfeeding?

If you have been putting off botox while pregnant then you might be desperate to get your fill when the baby is here. However, the FDA warns against getting botox while breastfeeding as there is a lack of research on whether it impacts the baby.

Can I get a nipple piercing while breastfeeding?

Nipple piercings can irritate the nipples, you would also need to keep it in for a certain amount of time which can be a choking hazard. It is best to wait until you have finished breastfeeding to get a nipple piercing.

Will my nipple piercing cause problems when I breastfeed?

There is limited research on whether pierced nipples cause problems with breastfeeding. Some say that the piercing holes can cause difficulties with the baby's latch, but this isn’t always the case. If you have a pierced nipple and are concerned about how it might impact feeding, speak to your healthcare provider. Note, you will need to take your nipple piercing out to breastfeed as it may pose a choking hazard to the baby.

Can I eat sushi when breastfeeding?

During pregnancy there are lots of rules about what you should and shouldn’t eat as it can impact the baby. One of these foods is sushi. If you are desperate to get back to eating a dragon roll, then good news! You can eat sushi when you are breastfeeding. There is little risk of any bacteria or parasites being passed onto the baby through breast milk.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

Most women with implants can breastfeed. However, you may run into problems depending on the size, or the incision isn’t under the breast or through the armpit. If you are concerned, speak to a lactation specialist, healthcare provider, or midwife.

Can I pump and breastfeed at the same time?

Pumping after or during a feed is a great time to get a good haul of milk. It takes skill, but it is possible to nurse your baby on one side and pump on the other. This will give you a stash of milk to keep in the fridge or freezer.

How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?

When you are bottle feeding you can see exactly how much milk the baby is getting at each feed. When breastfeeding you have to trust that your baby is taking in enough milk. If your baby is growing well and not losing weight then they are likely getting enough calories. If you are worried, speak to your healthcare provider who will be able to weigh and monitor your baby if necessary.

Q&A Your Breastfeeding Questions - Momcozy Article

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