Why Do Mothers Need a True Comfort Breast Pump?

Why Do Mothers Need a True Comfort Breast Pump?

If you breastfeed your kid, you are surely aware of the circumstances in which a true comfort breast pump may be useful.

They can be used to draw out flat or inverted nipples so a nursing baby can latch on more readily, relieve engorged breasts and clogged milk ducts, or maintain or enhance a woman's milk production.

And if you use one, there are crucial safety issues.

What sorts of breast pumps are offered?

A breast shield that covers the nipple, a pump that creates a vacuum to express (or pump) milk, and a removable container for milk collection are all components of a breast pump.

True comfort breast pump can be motorized or manual. Batteries or a wire that plugs into an electrical outlet can be used to power pumps. Even some pumps come with an adaptor for use in vehicles.

Single pumps only extract milk from one breast, but double pumps simultaneously remove milk from both breasts.

Which breast pump should you purchase?

When buying a pump, think about your requirements. For instance, a pump that plugs into the wall can work perfectly if you just use it at home. However, if you plan to pump while working or otherwise away from home, you might want to think about a portable, battery-operated true comfort breast pump.

Important points:

  • Pumps intended for single users shouldn't ever be purchased secondhand or "pre-owned." This is due to the fact that these used pumps can contaminate you and your unborn child.
  • Buying a secondhand pump can void the guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Consult a healthcare practitioner with experience in breastfeeding if you're unsure of which pump or accessories to purchase.

All-in-one Wearable Breast Pump - M1

An All-in-one size wearable breast pump is much more discreet. It significantly lessens the workload and exposure. Its three modes and larger nine intensities aid in increasing milk production.

The closed system of the Momcozy M1 true comfort breast pump entirely separates milk from the motor and pump parts. You can therefore wear this pump without worrying about leaks.

Unique and Compact Design

It is offered in smaller sizes for better concealment in daily life and at work and to fit on the breast with less weight and bulge.

Less than 50 dB Sound

The Momcozy M1 wearable breast pump is whisper-quiet. It is so silent that other people won't notice it while pumping in public. Even on a quiet night, it doesn't bother your infants.

9 Intensities with 3 Modes

With its 3 settings and 9 intensities, you can more easily control the suction to get the right amount of let-down and less pain for each breast.

Easily put together

The Momcozy M1 true comfort breast pump has only four replaceable parts, simple to remove and put back together. This pump has three sizes of flanges that measure 21/24/27mm, providing a wonderful opportunity to create the wrong side pick-up problem and effectively addressing the issue of nipple and areola size.

BPA-free and effortlessly clean

The Momcozy hands-free breast pump attachments are composed of soft food-grade silicone that is simple to clean and remove while yet keeping a tight seal for optimal suction. Range of the maximum suction: 320 to 360 mmHg.


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and prepare everything you need for pumping (assemble the device, prepare bottles, and napkins).
  2. Get in a comfortable position and relax. Any discomfort and distractions can interfere with the flow of milk. As a result, your efforts may be wasted. To create the most comfortable environment, you can turn on the music.
  3. Stimulate the flow of milk. Many electric models have a built-in function that mimics a baby's natural suckling rhythm. If you use a mechanical device, you can massage the mammary glands and apply a warm flannel diaper to your chest. Mammologists also recommend establishing contact between the skin of the breast and the skin of the child.
  4. Attach the funnel of the breast pump to the nipple. Hold the funnel between the index finger and thumb, with the rest of the fingers and palm holding the chest.
  5. Set the most comfortable pumping rhythm for yourself. Express milk until your breasts are completely empty.

Do not despair if you did not manage to collect the right amount of milk the first time. It may take time for you to learn how to use a true comfort breast pump. Don't panic and don't despair! Over time, your body will get used to the device and learn how to trigger the flow of milk when using the device.


When choosing a breast pump, experts recommend paying attention to the following factors and criteria:

  • Frequency of use. Manual pumps are best for breastfeeding mothers who are not lactating and plan to express milk from time to time, while electric devices are the best solution for regular use.
  • It is very good if the kit includes 2-3 milk bottles with nozzles in the form of a nipple. This is very convenient because there is no need to pour the expressed milk into another container before feeding the baby.
  • Nozzle material. Silicone tips are considered the most comfortable for the skin. They fit snugly to the nipple, repeating its anatomical shape, and do not injure the skin.
  • Compact and easy to transport. For women who are planning a trip, mechanical models will be convenient. Such devices are easy to assemble/disassemble, do not take up much space, and do not require a network connection.


How often can you express milk?

The frequency of using a true comfort breast pump depends on the reason for expressing milk. For newborns who are separated from their mothers, it is recommended to express milk at least 8 times a day. 

Women who are prone to lactostasis and mastitis, and also have an excess of milk, need to pump after each feeding of the baby. In other cases, the pump should be used as needed, but do not forget that frequent pumping leads to more intensive milk production.

How to clean the breast pump after use?

Wash and clean the device after each use. To thoroughly clean the instrument, disassemble it. Dip all parts in a container of hot water and soapy water. Wash each part thoroughly, rinse with running water, lay on a paper or cotton towel, and let dry.

 If the true comfort breast pump manufacturer allows, you can wash the appliance in the dishwasher. Do not forget to sterilize all parts of the device regularly. To sterilize the instrument, immerse the parts in boiling water for 5 minutes.

What to do in case of pain?

When pumping, a nursing mother should not feel pain or discomfort. In many cases, pain occurs when the breast pump is used incorrectly. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure the nipple is in the center of the funnel, try massaging your breasts, reducing the pull, and shortening the pumping time. 

Sometimes pain occurs due to hypersensitivity or inflammation of the nipples. To reduce discomfort, use special oils and hydrogel pads.

How to store expressed milk for a baby?

Use special containers with a lid or sealable bags to store your expressed milk. Shelf life at room temperature is 10 hours. Still, it is safer to keep the mother's milk in the refrigerator. There it can be stored for several days (but not more than 3-4 days), and frozen - for no more than 9 months. Thawed breast milk retains its beneficial properties for 2 hours (at room temperature) and no more than 2 days (in the refrigerator). It cannot be re-frozen.

A true comfort breast pump is a reliable assistant that will come in handy for a nursing mother to start lactation and cope with the stagnation of breast milk. It allows you to feed the baby when the mother does not have the opportunity and time for this. 

But when it comes to choosing one, many parents get lost and do not know which breast pump to choose. In this matter, it is important to take into account all the features of the device in order to simplify the process of expressing milk as much as possible and prevent unpleasant consequences.

Why choose Electric breast pumps?

This is a real favorite of nursing mothers, who immediately earned their love. It simplifies the process of expressing breast milk as much as possible, doing it yourself. While pumping, you can relax, read, make masks and even hold your baby in one hand. Not bad, right?

The essence of his work is the presence of a special motor, thanks to which the breast pump independently creates a vacuum around the breast. All you need to do is press one button and it will start working. 

True comfort breast pump shows excellent performance: it expresses milk quickly and safely, stimulating its flow. Unlike mechanical ones, you can often use a breast pump without harm to your body and all kinds of pain. It does not injure the nipple and does not allow the hands to get tired, thanks to the electronic system. Perhaps the only negative is the cost, which, as we have already noticed, is fully justified.

Electric breast pumps are divided into two main types: single-phase and two-phase.

  • Single-phase. With single-phase breast pumps, you can manually adjust the rhythm and force of pumping milk.
  • Two-phase. Able to automatically imitate the habitual sucking rhythm of a baby and memorize it.

Depending on the model, electric breast pumps can operate both from the mains and from batteries. This is very convenient when traveling when it is not possible to connect the device to the electrical network.

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