Momcozy Affiliate & Influencer Program

Empower and enable women globally by joining our Momcozy Journey

Focusing on putting moms on top with premium nurturing and maternity appliances, comfortable maternity apparel and gadgets to ensure the safety of your baby, while making sure your time is spent as comfortably as can be. We have a wide range of items available that will ensure your audience has access to only the best and complete selection for children aged 0 to 12 months old.

About Our Programs
Affiliate Program & Benefits

 Do you have a big audience of new and upcoming parents that needs premium nursing and maternity items at affordable pricing? Then you might be the perfect partner to join our Affiliate Program and enjoy some amazing benefits!

  • 30 days of cookie life
  • Commissions as high as up to 12.5% per sale
  • Free products for your reviews, features, and/or giveaways
  • Exclusive discounts readily made available for your audience
Month on Month Conversion Rates as high as 15%
Brand Influencer Program & Benefits

Are you inspired by our products and mission just as much as we are? Then our influencer program might just be the thing you are looking for, an amazing program with fantastic benefits, managed by our Affiliates Managers for seamless cooperation!

  • Exclusive access and sneak peeks on our latest product developments
  • Exclusive coupons / giveaways for your audience ONLY
  • Promote our products through any of your Social Media Accounts, personal websites and  platforms
  • Commissions starting at a flat rate of 10% and even more for our VIP Influencers who drive extra results!
3 Simple Steps to get Started
Register as an Affiliate / Influencer results Time and start earn
Click on the “Apply Now” button below and wait for approval from our Affiliate Department. Applying for our program is completely free.
Promote Momcozy products
We provide you with frequent updates to our banners / links / videos and other creatives that you are free to make use of on your media accounts and websites.
Monitor your Real
Our programs allow you to monitor your results Live on your dashboard. So you can simply monitor your selling efforts at any time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply press the “Apply Now” button found above and fill in the application form. While waiting, you can browse our website to learn all about us. Then, once approved, you can take a look at the readily made creatives and start marketing the products.

Yes! We would love to provide you with free products or samples for your to review and create your blog around or even video creatives! In case you’d like to receive these, please contact our Affilaite Manager through the ShareASale program to help you further.

A cookie is a small text file that a website places on a user’s computer (or smartphone, tablet or other connected device) to store information about the user’s activity. Practically all companies with high-traffic websites use cookies to track visitors’ online experience, whether it’s return visits. The items in their shopping cart, their search preferences, etc. For example, if your audience clicks on your affiliate link to visit the Momcozy website, a cookie is placed on their computer or device. That cookie is used to remember the link or ad that the audience clicked on. Even if the audience leaves the affiliate’s site, but doesn’t make a purchase until a later date – even 30 days later, the affiliate is still able to get credit for the purchase made and thus receive a commission.

No, our programs are completely free to register for, advertise for, and make use of. It’s a simple EARN-ONLY program

You can use all of the creatives made available for you through the ShareASale account, anywhere you like including; your website, your social media accounts, your online blogs, vlogs, and also plogs. The creatives we provide you with through ShareASale can be in the form of product videos, GIF’s, images, URL links, Coupons, and many more forms. However, you are also allowed to create your marketing creatives, just make sure that they represent us in a good way.

Commissions over sales will be paid out by ShareASale, the third-party program which will act as an intermediate to ensure your sales are tracked correctly.

The ShareASale platform (where you also register) has a dashboard showing when you log in, where you can find all of the metrics connected to your marketing efforts for Momcozy and will update daily so that you may keep track of your performance.